60 useful links of fairy tales

1. Aaron Shephard a site by award-winning author of fairy tales

2. Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By an interactive library of fairy tales for children

3. Alissa Zulhanif a fairy tale blog run by a teenager

4. Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books an extensive collection of fairy tales

5. Art Passions fairy tale arts site

6. Asian Storytelling Network a site for aspiring storytellers or simply those interested in participating a storytelling programme

7. Beauty and the Beast everything you need to know about this interesting story, including information regarding its hitherto existing adaptations in different media

8. Bookmarks run by a children’s book author, this blog discusses and reports on new trends in children’s literature

9. Cepink a personal HCA-related blog

10. Cerita Anak a site dedicated to sharing children’s literature and interesting articles that can help cultivate the children

11. Cerita Dongeng Penglipur Lara a blog with a collection of Malay fairy tales

12. Cerita Kanak Kanak a blog featuring famous Malay fairy tales

13. Cerita Kecil another resourceful site of Malay fairy tales

14. Children’s Literature Association this site provides good resources for serious study on children’s literature

15. Cinderella this site provides different versions of the same tale by other authors

16. Cinderella: A Bibliography another site dedicated to the study of Cinderella, with good bibliography

17. Cabinet des Fees a fairy tale journal

18. Curious George Store this site reports news on children’s literature and takes order for related books

19. Cuttlefish a personal blog of fairy tale arts

20. Dunia Anak an Indonesian storyteller shares his views on storytelling

21. Dongeng Kak Rico an Indonesian storyteller’s site with traditional fairy tales and many entertaining video clips for children

22. East o’ the sun and West o’ the moon an introductory website to fairy tales

23. East of the Web a huge collection of fairy tales and short stories with rating

24. Fairrosa Cyber Library a personal cyber collection of materials related to children’s literature

25. Encyclopedia Mythica an internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore and religion

26. Fairy Bird Children’s Books a Malaysian children’s book site by a former teacher dedicated to providing high-quality, entertaining and easy-to-read books for children

27. Fairy Tale Review an annual literary journal devoted to contemporary fairy tales

28. Fairy Tale Review Blog a blog which reports news and updates on anything related to fairy tales

29. Fairy Tales: Birth of A Genre an interactive site that tells of the origin of fairy tales

30. Fairy Wings a collection of fairy tales currently being re-written

31. Folk and Fairy a good source for analysis and interpretation of folk and fairy tales

32. Folklore GMU a folklore site with good bibliography

33. Juru Dongeng Indonesia a storyteller’s blog which shares tips of storytelling

34. If All the Seas Were Ink We’d Call Them Fish Tales a site with rewritten fairy tales and original illustration

35. Kevin Brooks: Fairy Tales a Penguin’s fairy tale site

36. Kids’ Corner a site with fairy tales in different languages

37. Kid’s Storytelling Club simply the best place aspirant to hone their storytelling craft

38. Legends: Fairy Tales another resourceful site of fairy tales

39. Les Bonnes Fees a free fairy tale magazine site

40. Malaysian Board on Books for Young People (MBBY) an international network for people dedicated to children’s literature

41. Marni Gillard an inspiring storyteller sharing his view on the art of storytelling

42. Mother Goose an exclusive site for graduate of children’s literature

43. Odense City Museums a site where you can find anything you may want to know about Hans Christian Andersen

44. Paskalina another personal blog with tips, recommendation and stories for children

45. Protozoa99 this blog shows you how one can make a fairy tale out of anything

46. Raja Dongeng the Indonesian King of Storytelling’s site which reports news on storytelling

47. Rosemary Lake a fairy tale site with tips, review and stories for avid listeners

48. Scholastic a site run by one of the largest distributers of children’s material which regularly reports related news, new information and activities

49. Story Arts anything you need to know about storytelling

50. Story Lovers’ World the world of story lovers, featuring stories ranging from fairy tales, bible to classics from any part of the world

51. Supernatural Fairy Tales a blog which features fairy tale and supernatural related articles and reviews

52. SurLaLune Fairy Tales a very helpful site with annotated fairy tales for scholars

53. TDD Don Bosco a resourceful site of storytelling in Indonesian

54. Tellitagan Children’s Stories a site features illustrated and audio fairy tales

55. The Classic Fairy Tales: A Pathfinder a useful site for beginner

56. Tim Sheppard’s Storytelling Resources another English storytelling site by Tim Sheppard

57. Tom Davenport this site talks about the films that have been adapted from fairy tales

58. Tukang Dongeng another blog by Indonesian storyteller with many illustrations

59. Troy Morash’s Tales Troy Morash has written his own fairy tales and have them freely accessible for everyone interested in this site

60. Welcome to OZ everything about the Wizard of Oz

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